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for hours. >>> the government is targeting the finances of a violent street gang by calling the ms- 13 gang a transnational criminal organization. the government now has the power to put economic sanctions on the organization. they can freeze their assets within the united states and make banking more difficult for members. ms-13 is a very violent gang created by immigrants. >>> we are just minutes away from the start of the a's game tonight to determine if they go on to the american league championship series. a live look outside right now. a lot of fans here and today the team tweeted if the a's win tonight they will remove the tarps from the third deck that means 11,000 more seats will be available for the next game. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live in oakland with the economic impact an a's win could have outside the coliseum. >> reporter: we are at mcgoes to. if you look -- mcgees. if you look. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a bonus for the employee whose get more days of business. for fans happy chance to splurge. >> been a giants efan -- fan. i thought i should get posy
after that incident. > departments in the bay area feeling the squeeze as the government cuts grants to help those departments. figures show that this year the government cut $140 million in financial aid to local fire departments. california was already hit with a two million dollar reduction in federal fire grants in 2010. the united states fire administration which helps local firefighters is also poised for a budget cut. >> they are limited dollars. locally they struggle with budgets at the federal level. >> reporter: oakland officials say their department is dealing with tough economic times and they say they will have to start looking for other sources of revenue if grants continue to dry up. >> now to the election coverage. romney has taken a slight lead over the president. according to polls, in the five- days after last week's debate 49% of likely voters say they support romney, 47% say they back obama. however, among all registered voters, the president still holds a three point lead over romney. >> the folks behind seasame street asking the obama campaign to stop runnin
to be sentenced to 15 years in prison. >>> protesting in sacramento against the government's efforts to reduce prison over crowding in california. some say sending some to jail in stead of prison is resulting in the early repolice of dangerous -- release of dangerous people. >> they are back out on the streets. >> 24,000 prisoners were released this year but the state prison officials say it is too early to tell if that had any impact on the crime rate. >>> they are urging shoppers to boycott mi pueblo because they participate in immigration checks. community groups organized this protest to pressure mi pueblo to opt out. it is a tool used to verify immigration status. mi pueblo says they are being audited by homeland security that could lead to the firing of undocumented employees. >>> san francisco's first target store is set to open wednesday at 4th and mission in san francisco. it will be 2/3 the size of other stores and offer smaller items. target also plans to open a second store in san francisco in 2013. >>> jerry hill is crying foul over a move by the public utilities commission to tem
that government taking 20% of a family in business's income is enough. obama thinks the government ought to be able to take as much as 44.8% of its small-business's income. if you passed every person and every successful business making over $250,000 at one had a%, it would run the government for 98 days. you see, there are not enough small businesses and rich people to tax to pay for their spending. the next time you hear them say do not worry about it, we will get a few wealthy people to pay their fair share, watch out, middle-class. the tax bill is coming to you. that is why we're saying we need fundamental tax reform. let's look at it this way. eight out of 10 businesses, they file their taxes as individuals, not as corporations. where i come from, the canadiens dropped their tax rates to 15%. the average tax is 25% and the president wants the top effective tax rate on successful small businesses to go above 40%. two-thirds of our jobs come from small businesses. this one tax would actually tax 53% of small business and come. it is expected to cost 710,000 jobs. it does not pay for 1
chance and made his choices. his economic agenda, spending, borrowing, higher taxes, a government takeover of health care, it is not working. millions of americans are struggling to work and 15% are in poverty. this is not what a real recovery looks like. you deserve better. we want to earn your support. we are offering real reforms for every american. mitt romney, his experience, ideas, and solutions are uniquely qualified to get this job done. at a time we have a jobs crisis, wouldn't it be nice to have a jobs creator in the white house? a stagnant economy that promotes more government dependency, or a dynamic that promotes opportunity and jobs. mitt romney and i will not duck the tough issues are blame others for the next four years. we will take responsibility and we will not try to replace our founding principles. we will reapply our founding principles. the choice is clear, and the choice rests with you. >> thank you both again. this concludes the vice- presidential debate. please tune in next tuesday for the second presidential debate in new york. i'm martha rattis of abc n
government is awash in cash. money buys influence, but it also may buy government itself. this is the unambiguous conclusion you reach in reading the book "billionaires & ballot bandits: how to steal an election in 9 easy steps." investigative reporter greg palast wrote it. he is a new york times-bestselling author and also works for the bbc and britain's the observer. what is going on is happening behind this very thin veneer of democracy, but as i read your book i get the sense that it really is a gross subversion of democracy. > > yes. we have to think about who these billionaires are. since we had citizens united, which created the so-called "corporate citizen," we've ended up with things like a million- dollar donation to the romney pac, restore our future - and i looked into it, by a company called f8 llc. > > what's that? > > i tried to look up, they have sales of $8,000 a year, which meant that their $1 million donation was pretty generous. also, the principal, a guy named diego, seems to exist only in a video game, "grand theft auto." he's an assassin. but under
there are concerns it could lead to a wider war. the exchange began 5 days ago. the turkish government once supported the president but now s now a -- but is now a supporter of the rebels. >>> collecting wreckage from where a drone was shot down yesterday. no word on the origin of the drone and it was taken down by jet fighters. no group claimed responsibility. hezbollah is expected. >>> in spain demonstrators took to the streets to protest punishing government cuts. spain's over all unemployment is 25% while theyie unemployment is 50%. -- the youth unemployment is 50%. tempers are rising and a strike may be brewing. >>> still to come a brawl in san francisco that left one man fighting for his life, plus -- >> playoff fever in san francisco, but it is giving these fan as case of nerves tonight as the giants try to get even against the reds. what fans are looking for on the field. >> plus that meningitis outbreak keeps growing, how many people have been effected and the effected and california businesses that could be linked to the debate. >> paul ryan and joe biden get ready to go head to head. >> an
economy is expected to hear from libya. the house oversite and government committee is holding wednesday's hearing on the october 11th benghazi attack. now the hearing is bound to be politically charged as republicans have accused the obama administration of failing to respond to greater security at the benghazi office. >>> with 90% of the votes counted, chavez receives 54% to 45% for his opponent enrique capriles. capriles was expected to be the president's greatest challenger. >>> in iraq, the government executes 11 men. the number of executions are being called terrifying. international advocates have raised concerns about the fairness of trials, the transparency of court proceedings and the rumor of forced confessions. >>> natural steel pipes are being buried in the ocean bed. if a large earthquake were to hit, they could be raised to 121 feet above the water to diffuse the energy of a tsunami. >>> the man accused of killing trayvon martin plans to file a defamation of character lawsuit against nbc. >> george called and reported a black person. somebody asked him to describe someone.
, wearing all black and riding a blue bike. >>> the city of oakland is suing the government to prevent the seizure of a building. the property in question is a medical marijuana dispensary called the harbor side health center. it operates under a city issued permit. it asks the court to declare the government's attempt to close it down as unlawful. >>> the supreme court heard arguments in a case that could have effects on college admissions. demonstrators gathered. the appeal involve as lawsuit filed by a student who claims she was denied admission to the university of texas because of her race. they say the court has become conservative. >>> a slight drop in the number of job opens is a sign of a slow recovery. there were 30,000 fewer job opening in august compared to july. and the rate at which workers quit stayed the same for six months in a row. before the recession it was above 2%. on wall street today stocks fell as the earnings season gets underway. the dow is down 128 to 13,344. the nasdaq is down 13 at 3,051. >>> standard and poor's hit spain with a down grade today. they said
and 10 others are being treated for injuries. >>> oakland is suing the federal government. the city filed suit and the government has threatened to close the medical marijuana dispensary which calls itself the largest in the united states. they pay about a million dollars in taxes. >>> lance armstrong is fighting back. they released a report with a list of accusations involving performance enhancing drugs. coming up some of the charges in that 200 page report and what armstrong calls the case against the cyclist. >>> and on the bridge of i will limb -- brink of elimination, tara moriarty is live in san francisco as the countdown begins for the big giants game in san francisco. >> reporter: well, there is a 10:00 game start so a lot of people are playing hookey and fans will plan catch their teams later today and they will have a chance after pulling off a nail biting game last night. >> the oakland a's will live another day... [applauds] >> reporter: they rally from behind and cocoa crisp made the game winning hit and they congratulated him with a whipped cream pie to the face. >> this is
office and the government said 114,000 jobs were added but in a household survey, 873,000 more americans reported having jobs. senator ayotte, isn't the economy getting better? well, i think, what is disappointing about the report is the down tick we saw in unemployment is because of part-time work, for economic reasons, so people who want full-time jobs, taking lower pay, you can't support a family on part-time work. and of course we still have the sad fact that we have the lowest labor participatings rate since 1981, and if the number of people who were working or participating in the workforce were the same as when the president came into office the unemployment rate would really be 11%, so, i don't think there is any cause to celebrate, here and i think if you told the american people four years ago, that the unemployment rate is going to be 7.8%, at this point, during the president's term, i don't think anyone should be satisfied or happy with that. >> chris: governor, are you satisfied for happy. >> i don't think any of us should be happy, we want to return to full employment. and,
the danger and instability in eastern libya it did not however ask the government for security upgrades. stevens was killed along with three other americans in an attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. >>> there is new information coming in this morning surrounding the deadly shooting of a u.s. border patrol agent last week. the border patrol union says agent nicholas io vie apparently open -- ivy apparently opened fire on two his colleagues thinking they were armed smugglers. the shooting happened in a hilly area known for ill leal trafficking -- illegal trafficking. >>> a backpack found in a suburb belongs to a missing girl. ridgeway was last seen leaving for school on friday. she was not reported missing for eight hours because her mother works the overnight shift and missed calls from the school. >>> republican presidential nominee mitt romney will give a foreign speech today criticizing president obama as a weak leader on the stage. jacqueline fells is in our washington, d.c. newsroom. >> reporter: pam, mitt romney's campaign is offering fresh details this morning on how would r
programs created by the obama administration. holder says several government agencies coordinated efforts to track down con artists. "over the past 12 months it has enabled the justice department and its partners to file 285 federal criminal indictments and informations against 530 defendants for allegedly victimizing more than 73,000 american homeowners and inflicting loses in excess of one billion dollars." meanwhile, a u.s. attorney in new york has filed a civil lawsuit against wells fargo. the bank is accused of bilking consumers out of millions of dollars in mortgage fraud. wells denies allegations. meetings resume today for 8 u.s. senators aiming to avoid the year-end fiscal cliff. the bipartisan group continues a second day of meetings that will stretch into tomorrow. the goal is for democrats and republicans to reach an agreement on how to avoid the looming spending cuts that go into effect january 1st. after a blueprint is drawn up, congress will need to vote to pass the law. senators are meeting this week, although lawmakers have noted that the outcome of the election will impac
. >>> federal government is suing wells fargo for mortgage fraud. the bank did not properly under write more than 100,000 loans it certified at lfh insurance. it points to the bonus system that rewarded employees based on the number of loans it approved. >>> chevron says a key crude unit that catched fire will remain offline until the end of the year. that could have an effect on gas prices. the august fire and a power outage at a southern california refinery have been blamed for causing gas prices to skyrocket here in california. chevron says its u.s. oil production fell by 92-barrels a day. >>> 4:54 is the time. sal is keeping an eye on traffic. what are you looking at? >> we wanted to look at san francisco. i just saw it there in san francisco and i'm looking at my monitor and it's completely black. that is because of the fog. there is clouds there. we will skip that picture of our camera. to look at 101. we'll ask steve about that. we will go to the east shore freeway first and show you that traffic here looks pretty good on 80 westbound as you come across the bridge. now the picture in
. >>> there are reports the u.s. government will issue a warning for people that have replaced air bags in their cars in the past three years. the government will alert drivers that counterfeit air bags may have been installed. safety officials worry some may not inflate in an accident. >>> both the a's and giants are staying alive. each team pulled out a thrilling victory. alex savidge is live outside the coliseum where another sellout is expected today. >> reporter: the home crowd lifted the a's last night as they pulled out that big win over the tigers. the team keep in mind still on the brink of elimination head into game four tonight against the tigers in this best of five series. the a's defense it was strong pitching helped them pull out this win as they beat the tigers 2-0 last night. one of the highlights of the game an amazing catch from cocoa crisp as he robbed gonzalez from a home run. >> we will sleep on it. obviously we will not get too high. we definitely didn't get too low. >> a bunch of no name players that have bunco lessed and they are a great team. >> reporter: meantime there were
said the government to cover costs if they have to lay off because of cuts. republicans say the move is politically motivated. >>> tom delay is asking a texas appeals court to overturn his conviction. back in 2010, he was convicted of money laundering. the republican politician was sentenced to three years in prison and has been free on bond. >>> a new survey finds millions of californians are not registered to vote in the upcoming november 6th election. 27% of eligible adults surveyed by the public policy institute of california say they've not registered to vote. of those who are registered 43% are democrats, 30% are republicans, 21% are independents and a vast majority of those people say they are likely to lean toward the democrats than republicans. >>> 7:18. newly-released documents show the impact of the pepper spraying incident. uc davis released documents yesterday. among the documents, thousands of e-mails demanding the resignation of the of the university's chancellor. but there are also e-mails from support offering help. >>> michael savage is planning to turn to the airwa
pounds of marijuana. >>> oakland is going toe to toe with the government over efforts to shut down a medical marijuana dispensary. they started proceedings in july. today the city of oakland filed a lawsuit to try to stop that. the seizure would interfere with their system to license and tax medical marijuana dispensary. >>> new informations about sudden oak death. scientists said it is predding again -- spreading again. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler joins us live now. >> reporter: i am on a ridge, look at this. these are oak trees. all these trees now at risk from sudden oak death. >> reporter: experts say sporesf the sudden oak death pathogen -- spores of the sudden oak death pathogen jumped the hills. here the infection of a live oak. >> they are the vector. they carry the pathogen and it spreads. >> reporter: this map shows how sudden oak death spread over the last 7 years. experts say it established. >> we are terrified watching this disease effect our forest. >> reporter: scientists predicted this surge but there is new hope. >> some of our oaks appear resistan
government. the city filed the suit today against the federal government's threatened seizure of the building at 1840 embarcadero. they've rented the property for the last six years. last year, they paid more than $1 million in taxes to the city. >>> it's been a crazy couple of days. beautiful afternoons. but last night's thunderstorm, and this afternoon that thunderstorm that brought as much as .7 of an inch of rain to gilroy. that's almost an inch of rain. it was raining, and hailing in the gilroy area. san jose got almost .1 of an inch. the rest of us, getting light sprinkles, now, especially in the north bay. you continue to see the swath of moisture moving through san rafael, and point reyes. light showers to moderate showers in this band. that's how it goes the rest of the night. we might even see another thunderstorm out there. when i come back at 10:45, we're going to look at the long ranged computer model and the five-day forecast that does have a couple of sprinkles in it. >>> we showed you the careful rescue of a sea lion yesterday. >> he was not happy. >> an update tonight on how
2006. this is due in part to higher tax revenues collected by state governments. however, whether the hiring boom is temporary may depend on factors like the fiscal cliff and the election. disturbing accounts of animal abuse are coming from an idaho dairy farm. undercover video at the bettencourt dairy farm in hansen, idaho, shows three men beating cows in milking stalls. animal cruelty charges have been filed against the three workers. it is the largest dairy operation in the state. the owner of the dairy farm said he was sick over the video and that the operation does not tolerate animal abuse. on a lighter note, the price of candy for cows is up. the practice of feeding cattle a sugary mix of cookies, candy bars and other delights has been going on for years, sometimes to improve milk production. this year, as more farmers substitute "candy" for "corn," the price of the sugary feed is rising. a livestock nutritionist tells us it is not harmful for the animals. farmers have a 3% limit on goodies they can feed cows. it is a "smashing" season for pumpkins. this fall's pumpkin crop
of airspace. israel suspected hezbollah because of their history. >>> government officials say a suspected al qaeda terrorist killed a long-time worker at the u.s. embassy in yemen. authorities say a masked gunman on a motorcycle opened fire on the yemeni chief of security. he was headed to the embassy for he -- where he worked for nearly 20 years. the drive-by shooting happened fairly far from the ambassador. but the source says the assassination has the fingerprints of -- assassination has the fingerprints of al qaeda. it's unclear if this is related to the killings in lib bau. >>> killings -- libya. >>> jerry sanduskt is looking at taking a financial hit in addition to his prison time. penn state they will revoke the $59,000 annual pension jerry sanduskt would have received. he was sentenced tuesday to at least 30 years in prison for molesting ten day boys. the -- ten boys. the retirement system says that his wife is not entitled to survivor benefits. jerry sanduskt's attorneys say they will fight the decision. >>> the two presidential running mates are set to meet tonight for the first a
on the administration on obama care and taxes. >> now, we think government taking 28% of a family and that business income is enough. president obama, he thinks they ought to take the small business income. >> now, some early polling done right after the debate tonight. show that people are largely split over who came out on top. we're live in the newsroom, eric rasmussen. >> now, a live look where students formed their own opinions as they watched tonight's debate. >> we met the students backing up romney, obama, even the ron paul supporter. and for many at the university, the historic debate between the vice presidential candidates hit home. >> they started it over to watch the vice presidential match up. and they watched and listened. >> i watched it as well a couple weeks ago. obama kind of left me hanging there. seeming to be weak on the spot. >> i think biden was extremely unprofessional, disappointed, basically embarrassed by his performance tonight that he is our vice president. >> i would probably call it a draw. >> reporter: the chair of the university's political science department said
the u.s. power grid, transportation system, financial networks, and the government. recent cyber attacks against oil and gas companies were the most destructive the private sector has ever seen. the attacks on a saudi oil company effected more than 30,000 computers. >>> photos of mitt romney pop up on a google search but not in a way that favors the presidential nominee. if you type in completely wrong a full page of mitt romney photos comes up. it's not a political statement by the company instead he says it's due to the search engine picking up on news coverage of romney saying last week he was completely wrong last spring when he said that 47% of americans were dependent on government. the obama campaign claims it has gained momentum after last nights performance by joe biden. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. newsroom with a look at why some other says the vice president went too far. alison. >> reporter: president obama said his vice president did a great job. but some republicans are accusing joe biden of being down right disrespectful. according to republicans, biden in
uninjured. >>> not so long ago i showed you guys this psa from the wvu student government discouraging students from burning couches. this is somewhat of a tradition in morgantown. they burn couches to celebrate football wins. over the weekend, wvu beat texas 48-45 and the morgantown fire department reported at least 35 street fires saturday night through sunday morning. there's tons of videos all over the fáinternet, many of them couches. >> so what you're telling me is that this psa worked beautifully. >> it seems as though the psa may have been counterproductive. also led to a riot in morgantown. >> they're macing people. >> wvu fans, of course, taking to twitter to show off this tradition. this guy drinking a beverage and has a phone whilst sitting on a burning couch. at least four students were charged with malicious burning, at least ten others arrested for charges ranging from battery on an officer to alcohol-related offenses. now, the school says that those involved will be disciplined. they're not happy about it. here's a headline from the "dominion post" in morgantown. behav
francisco route now. i think a lot of people are off for a -- a lot of the government offices are closed for columbus day and interstate 880 also looks pretty good. if you are driving near the coliseum. a little bit of slowing though on southbound 880. it's not all that deep. >>> a very good morning on this monday. cold out there for some. mostly clear. there is a little bit of patchy fog. some -- some of these clouds starting to work their way in. you can see this to the left of the screen. if this drives over us, we'll cloud up and maybe get a few showers. everything says it will get close to us and get on the coast and -- well, it will head to central and southern california. i think later tonight and tuesday would be the day to get possible showers. there are a few upper 30s near st. helena, calistoga, kenwood. sonoma county airport. increasing clouds, partly cloudy, cooler, start -- cooler starting late tonight. again, it looks like it is heading south. it will be a santa cruz mountains event. mostly sunny, cooler in the afternoon after a cold morning. inland temperatures warmed up
. >>> the north korean government says there is a warning in response to the recent agreement by the u.s. to have south korea to have missiles capable of hitting all of nouk. the north korean government says that agreement proves there is a lot to invade north korea. >>> a month to election day and it shows that mitt romney is gaining momentum -- gaining momentum. ailson burns has more. >> reporter: there are some polls that are gimping the romney team encouragement. a pew poll shows romney up 4%. and the poll also shows that coming out last week's debate in denver, romney's personal likability has improved and he's made big gains among women voters. >> that was a good debate. i enjoyed that debate. >> but the obama is using the big guns using big bird in aned a. >> bernie madoff, ken lay, dennis koslowski, criminals, the evil genous who towered over them. one man has the guts to say his name. >> big bird. >> reporter: reporting live from alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> 8:17 for first time in history, the united states has not have a protestant majority. the percentage of protestant adults
system is the federal government's electronic verification program, using data from the u.s. department of homeland security, as well as social security administration records. >>> for the first time in nearly 20 years, a man from contra costa county has died after becoming infected with rabies. the 34-year-old man died in switzerland back in july, but county health officials say he was likely infected in the southern part of contra costa county back in march. that's when he and a friend found a bat acting erratically and put the bat in a plastic bag. apparently, the man stuck his hand in and that's when he was most likely bitten and unfortunately, he never went to get treatment. >>> bart officials join state and local leaders this morning to mark the next phase of the highway 4 project in eastern contra costa county. the ground breaking event was held this morning at highway 4 and hillcrest avenue in antioch. the project will widen the highway to make room for the e bart extension from pittsburg to antioch. it will also provide more lanes of traffic, providing some relief for commuters
to ensure a brighter future is cut government spending. behind the scenes campaign workers worked towards the goal of contacting 2 million voters by phone in florida as well as other swing states. >> a republican congressman from georgia is making national headlines today. after comments he made about his religious beliefs were posted on a church website. >> evolution big bang theory, all of that is lies, straight from hell. >> representative paul broun made those comments at a baptist church in georgia. the church has since removed the video, but the bridge project, the political watchdog group reposted the video. broun is a medical doctor and said cites on the house committee of space and technology. he is running for re-election, unopposeed. >>> volunteers from the yes on proposition 30 campaign gathered this morning in front of mcclymonds high school. the measure is backed by governor brown and would raise the sales tax and race income tax on high earners to raise money for schools and colleges. >> it's about the children. it's about the community. it's about time. it's about us h
.s. government chip away at the federal deficit. and, it could be bottoms-up for investors in a beer and wine stock. keep it here. first business starts now! you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. monday, october 8th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: a new round of corporate earnings start up this week. overall, earnings are expected to tumble around 2% from last year. here's where we last left of on friday. stocks rallied on news the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8%. the dow gained, the s&p was flat, and a sell-off in apple dragged down the nasdaq. oil and gold staged dramatic pullbacks. today, platnum and gold producers will push to end a strike by south african workers over low wages. philip streible of rjo futures joins us on this monday morning. will we see a follow-through from that jobs number that came out on friday? > > that's a really interesting question. the reason why i bring that up is because the market reaction to the number, it was really well received. we saw the s&p 500 push up to 2007- level highs. bu
government and that equipment made by the companies could be used for espaean wash. -- estpen wash. >>> halloween is around the corner. if you want to see big pumpkins we got them. ktvu's allie rasmus was in half moon bay and shows us the winner that pumpkin weigh-off. it was so big it set a record today. >> here we go. >> reporter: at 1775 pounds this was the winner of the pumpkin weigh-off. cash prize for growing this? $10,650. >> my family is my secret. i couldn't do this without support. everybody that grows is because they have somebody behind them. >> reporter: today was the end of a long journey from seed to full grown squash, fertilizer and tlc. he had a 1400-pound pumpkin. >> if you get the soil right and the weather is just right and you get everything else just right, maybe you will get lucky enough. >> reporter: for many the biggest challenge is just bringing it here. >> getting it on the roads. they are strapped and packed and placed on beds for the bumpy drive. >> reporter: this year there was an extra prize for any pumpkin weighing or than a ton. >> we will give the
the football coach to at least 30 years in prison. >>> government officials say terrorists killed the long time worker at the u.s. embassy in yemen. a masked gunman was headed to the embassy where he had worked for nearly 20 years. the driveby shooting was far and the association says they have the fingerprints of al qaeda and they are connected to the september 11th attack after it killed chris stevens. >>> mitt romney said if he is elected he will get tough on china. he is pledging to designate china as a currency manipulator. they are going there for 18 years and they are setting back with china, the fastest growing in experts. it could hurt them to deal with china on issues with north korea and iran. >>> florida is the biggest battleground state in the upcoming election. and recent polls show obama beating mitt romney by 1 percentage point in florida. president barack obama is planning on being more aggressive. >>> and he is facing vice- presidential candidate paul ryan and here is more on what boat candidates are saying about tonight's debate. >> reporter: paul ryan says he and vice-presi
to sign the labor agreement. >>> federal government electronic program that employers can use to confirm employment eligibility. uses data from the homeland security as well as social security administration records. >> the presidential election is still more than a month away but early voting in california is set to begin next month. folks who want to get their votes in now can head to county election offices in just a couple days. monday is actually columbus day. some county offices may be closed. ballots for people who will be voting by mail will be sent out tuesday when the post office reopens from the holiday. so how will you vote? you can take our election quiz to help you decide like ktvu channel 2 news on facebook and find our presidential election quiz right under the cover photo. >> the search for two man accused of scamming an elderly woman out of her lifesavings. >>> and new information of a principal not reporting abuse allegations. >> it's a big weekend coming up lots going on in san francisco. the complete forecast. look at the five day as well. a chance of showers in ther
a government doing what it takes to track down those who were responsible. >> secretary clinton said that the accountability review board is just beginning its investigation. her comments come the day after vice presidential candidate paul ryan questioned the obama advacation's handling of security at the consulate. >>> secretary of dfts leon defense -- defense leon panetta is warning that the u.s. could be facing cyberattacks. secretary panettas that a major cyberattack could virtually paralyze this country, and he said the military could take action if the u.s. detects an imminent cyberattack. >> these attacks mark a significant escalation of the cyberthreat. >> and panetta is urging congress to pass legislation. he said without it, the country is vulnerable. right now, the pentagon spends more than $3 billion a year on cybersecurity. >>> honda has ordered a recall of more than a quarter million crv crossovers that affects 269,000 crossovers from the 2002 through 2006 model years relating to a master switch that controls the vehicle's power windows. that could melt and cause a fire
the government to go after them that would be perhaps a silver lining from this horrible tragedy. >> reporter: malala was just 7 years old when she wrote about life under the taliban for the bbc. she's since been a crusader the taliban wanted to silence. >> i think it has ramifications beyond the area where it took place and this one person. >> reporter: and indeed this story of the brave teenager has inspired people around the world. >> we have seen life as men and we will stand up for our rights. >> reporter: now girls and boys in pakistan are taking up her fight for the right of all girls to go to school. rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a vallejo man accused of fatally shooting his two friend pled not guilty today in solano county superior court. authorities say halleneger shot the two men. he's charged with two counts of murder and weapons enhancements. >>> new developments now in a story we first brought you back in april. ktvu has learned that a house in antioch taking over by squatters has now been sold. we received that news from the realtor. she tells us the house was sold ye
's presidential debate, when mitt romney branded tesla has one of the government-supported losers in green technology. >>> a woman from morgan hill was arraigned this afternoon in santa clara county on charges of commercial burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. 38-year-old marci erica did not enter a plea. she was arrested in nevada. investigators say that's where she fled after she told her 10-year-old daughter to shop lift at a safeway store in morgan hill and store employees stopped the girl as she was trying to leave the store. that happened last month. >>> albany police chief today said his department will not publicize details of molestation allegations against a teacher who apparently committed suicide this week. the body of albany middle school teacher james izumizaki was discovered monday in a car outside his family's home. last month, he was arrested on suspicion of lewd acts on a child and later released on bail. alameda county prosecutors have not formally charged the man. police say they will continue their investigation until all known leads are exhausted.
the government could file a lawsuit against the bay area internet giant. >> and changes come together south bay. what residents fled to know if they want to make a simple phone call, even if their phone number isn't changing. >> and a live look out received that's 280 in san jose. highway patrol investigating a hit and run case on the southbound 11 street on-ramp. . >>> good morning, live look from oakland this morning toward san francisco. we have partly cloudy skies, a cool start to the morning but dryer, sunnier, warmer weather for the weekend. >> police in kansas say a thief used a stolen car to smash into an apple store. he backed through the front windows. the car acted like a battering ram. officers got there two minutes after but the car is gone. it's not clear what they took. >>> uncle sam is taking aim at google. they are recommending an anti trust lawsuit against them. the company is a accused of driving up prices and hurting competition among search inge ins. investigators have been looking in to if they rigged search results to prod websites to pay higher fees. google said we are
east. government officials say a suspected al qaeda terrorist killed a long-time worker in yemen. they say he opened fire on the yemeni chief. p he was heading to where he has worked for the last 20 years. a source of this has the fingerprints of al qaeda. it's unclear if this is connected to the september 11th attack in libya that killed ambassador, chris stevens. >>> there's new information about an oil sheen discovered in the gulf of mexico. the coast guard confirms it matches the oil from that bp spill two years ago. the source of the oil is still a mystery. the coast fort lauderdale says it's possible it's coming from the deep horizon rig that exploded and tank in the 2010 disaster. industry experts say it's unlikely that the well is leaking again. >>> 7:05. vice president joe biden meet up with his republican rival, paul ryan in their only debate tonight in kentucky. coming up why some people say the moderateert of tonight's debate has a major con-- moderator of tonight's debate has a major conflict of interest. >>> the "chronicle" reports that supervisor jame kim sent an e
the u.s. power grid, financial system and government says a notice notice. attacks on the saudi oil company affected 30,000 commuters. larry olson is apparently interested in buying aeg. he has previously bid for sport teams, including the warriors, but failed to seal the deal. one of the attractions of buying it, he says, that it would allow him to relocate an nfl team to los angeles. the auction for aeg, which owns the la kings and staple center is only in the preliminary stages. >>> scientists in florida have a giant mystery on their hands. check it out. a softball size eyeball that washed ashore north of ft. lauderdale. they're trying to figure out what marine animal it belonged to. scientists think a giant squid or a whale. >>> a chance to take yoga at school, well, not everyone is happy about it. it's designed to promote a healthy lifestyle, but parents want their children pulled out claiming it's hinduism. >> it's based on hinduism, and of course it came from india. however, it's westernized now, and we as americans have really brought it into our culture to gain the actual p
meningitis in an outbreak in the u.s.. the government says that outbreak also spread to more than 60 people in nine different states. the outbreak is linked to a steroid that produced by a massachusetts pharmacy. many victims got steroid injections for back pain. clinics in ukiah and palm dale all received those steroids. >>> san francisco starbucks lovers may soon be able to try out the new baked foods the chain is offering but it's only going to be happening in nine locations. starbucks is testing the variety of goods with plans to attribute nationally. keep an eye out for a whole wheat spinach croissant, blueberry muffin, and passion fruit loaf cake. >>> 8:25. making me a little hungry. >> i know. >> good day to get outside. the weather has been very nice this weekend. hoping for more of the same. >> our daytime temperatures will be similar to saturday. another good looking day in most cases. slightly below normal. but not bad at all. we have the sunshine expected for the afternoon. high clouds will be drifting over once again. little filtered sunshine. a soft sunlight at times. outside
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